About us

Here at Build the Earth, we have one simple goal, to recreate the whole Earth in Minecraft, 1:1 scale. Our amazing project was started by PippenFTS, who created the YouTube video that started it all. He explained the mods that made this project possible and called for every Minecraft builder to join our cause. Acting as the visionary for the project, Pippen made sure that the core modifications and map projection used could work with Minecraft. Countless hours were spent debating over which projection to use, and whether to change it at all. In the end it was settled to use a modified version of the Dymaxion projection, which keeps distortion low and preserves scale unlike the equirectangular map projection used before. So far we've made good progress on major cities like New York City and London, and we hope that one day we will be able to recreate the majority of the Earth in Minecraft, 1:1 scale.

How does Build the Earth work?

Isn’t there a height limit in Minecraft? Prior to the existence of the Cubic Chunks Mod, a project like ours couldn’t have existed. Thanks to the release of the Cubic Chunks mod, which changes how Minecraft stores world data, we are now able to have a theoretically infinite build height, therefore allowing the replication of the world on a 1:1 scale.

Our History and Future

With close to 10 million views, it is safe to say that we’ve amassed a massive response to the call to action. Overnight a staff team was assembled, growing to the hundred-plus staff that we have today, each with their special purpose and role in the project. With over four thousand builders and hundreds of build teams, we are well on our way to building the Earth. Here at Build the Earth, we don’t have any deadlines for when we want certain places to be built, as we have faith that our builders will complete their plots of land whenever they can. There have already been massive leaps and bounds made in construction. Large cities like New York City, London, Paris, and Los Angeles all have teams tirelessly working on them. If you'd like to check out our progress, videos and photographs are available in the #progress or #showcase channels on our Discord. We would love to have more people join in on Building The Earth, so if you or your friends can build, join our Discord, and apply for the builder position on our website.