Frequently Asked Questions

What is the server IP?

The server IP for Java Edition is If you are on Bedrock Edition (otherwise known as. Pocket Edition) the IP is (The port should be the default, otherwise known as 19132)

It should be noted that some locations are not on the server. The best way to find where to build is joining the build team for the location using this map:


What version of Minecraft are we using?

We use a custom modpack for version 1.12.2, however, most servers allow you to join with later versions of the game. You can also join with the most recent version of the Bedrock edition. Our plan is to update to the 1.17 version of the game after it releases.


How do I install the modpack? (for Java Edition)

Our download links for the installer are found below:

Windows (.exe)
macOS (.dmg)
Linux (AppImage)

Universal (.jar)
For instructions, watch our Installation Video.

If you run into any trouble come to us in #support or DM @BTE Support. We will be happy to help! (Note: Our modpack only runs on Java Edition)


How do I become a builder?

We have made a video explaining how to start in our project.

It explains how to become a builder with both editions of the game.


I get an error while running the installer, what is wrong?

Some common errors are:

"Replace invalid library" error: Close Minecraft and its installer before installing the modpack.

"Unable to download library" error: Probably an internet or antivirus issue.

"Unknown error: error code #": You might have to install manually; ask in #support

"Error code: 1": Manual installation is required, use the pinned messages in #support to install the modpack, DM @BTE Support for more detailed help.

If you have any other errors, come to #support, We are happy to help you.


Do I need a good computer to run the modpack?

No you don't. If you can normally run minecraft you should be able to run our modpack. If you have performance issues running our modpack you can always try installing Optifine or playing on a BTE server that supports vanilla.


How do I know if my builder application was accepted?

You should receive a DM. If it has been 24 hours, you were probably denied but the reviewer forgot to DM you, although this is not always the case. Try reapplying and make sure you did everything right.


Can I build ___ ?

As long as it is not claimed yet! Refer to this map to see if the plot you want to build on is available (zoom in to see the plot borders). Claimed plots are shaded yellow and demarcated with a small red square at the center of the claim. You can always contact the owner of the claim to see if they are actually building that. If the claim is owned by a team you can join that team and build it. 


What about memorable buildings no longer there, like the World Trade Center or buildings that will be built in the future?

They will not be included in the project. All builds should reflect their current state as seen in the world. If an under-construction building is completed during the course of the project, feel free to build it.


Should I build the interiors of buildings?

Do not build any private or restricted interiors (homes, schools, airports, military bases, etc). You can build publicly accessible interiors if you want (i.e. shops, memorials). If the interior is an important part of a building it is recommended that you build it.


How can I find builders in my area to collaborate?

First, check the list of Build Teams in #join-a-build-team. If you do not find a suitable team, check the map to see if anybody is building close to you. The Discord tag of the player or Build Team name will be displayed when you hover your cursor over the claim.


How can I support the project financially?

We spend money to store the submitted worlds, host the website, and host community event servers. If you want to support our vision to create a 1:1 scale Minecraft world financially you have 3 options:

  1. Boost the Discord server for $5 a month:
    - Use emotes from all your servers
    - Access to a survival server with the staff and PippenFTS
    Learn more about server boosting
  2. Donate using PayPal ($1 or more):
    - Additional chats, podcasts
    - Donator role
    Donate via PayPal by clicking here
  3. Become a Patreon ($2 per month or more):
    Additional chats, podcasts
    - Patreon roles
    - Your name, player head, or statue of you in the project credits
    Tier Rewards:
    Tier 3 - Access to world downloads from Build It 1:1
    Tier 4 - Access to the master-world server, including Build It 1:1 locations
    Tier 5 - Access to the master-world file download, including Build It 1:1 locations
    Support via Patreon

Can I use an unofficial/cracked version of Minecraft?

No, you cannot. All programs used for this project must be official, authorized versions. You can buy a Java Minecraft account here and a Bedrock Minecraft account here.

In no way do we endorse, condone or encourage people to use cracked, illegal, or pirated versions of the game, or any software that is obtained in any manner not authorized by the legal copyright owners. Discussing how to get cracked versions of Minecraft will lead to you being warned, then banned if you do not comply with staff intervention.


I have been accepted as a builder, but my location is not showing up on the map yet? / My location was moved, but it still shows the marker in the wrong place?

The interactive map is updated every 24-48 hours to reduce the load on the server. If you want to check if your plot is claimed and in the correct location, login to My BuildTheEarth, scroll down to Solo builds, and open the page for the location in question.


I am working on my project together with my friend. Can we make a build team with 2 people?

Official build teams should consist of at least 8 builders. There is, however, a solution for 2 players: one player can apply to be a builder and open their world on local multiplayer, through LAN, or by using ZeroTier/Hamachi. The builder can submit your shared world once you are finished building.


How do I increase my FPS/Install Optifine?

To add Optifine to the BTE Modpack, you need to use OptiFine HD U G5.

OptiFine HD U G5 download:

Note: The BTE mods folder isn't in the .minecraft folder. Run =folder in the discord server to find out how to get to the BTE Modpack mods folder.


And that's it for the Build The Earth FAQ! Have fun building!