Paradise Florida Construction Crew: Builds


This build team is working on the following projects.

Location Area Notes
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 1 Transfered by Scorched.Phantom#6794
Cape Canaveral, Florida 1 Transfered by LordOnion#8744
New Port Richey, Florida 2 Transfered by JaysSong#4946
West Palm Beach, Florida 6 Transfered by No.#3684
West Palm Beach, FL 2 Transfered by kh_dmc#5664
West Palm Beach, FL 0 Transfered by kh_dmc#5664
Kennedy Space Center, Florida 2 Transfered by Boonana06#8021
Cape Canaveral Florida 47
Cape Canaveral Airforce Station, Florida 33
Altamonte Springs 1 Transfered by SkyCommision#7271
Miami, Florida 1 Transfered by Long live the King#0532
Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas Island 6 Transfered by Jixsons#9833
Orlando, Florida 1 Transfered by RubiksMaster614#6429
Majesty Building, East Central Parkway, Altamonte Springs, FL 1
Pace Shopping center. Pace, FL. 1
Creekside High School, Jacksonville/St. Johns, FL. 1
Naval Air Museum - Pensacola, FL 1
LAKELAND 1 Transfered by coolcrafter#8180
Wellington Branch Library - Wellington, FL 1
Captrust Financial Advisors Hillsborough County Downtown Tampa 1
Disney World, Florida 401 Transfered by EthanEcstatic#6164
Jeff island 1 Transfered by EthanEcstatic#6164