BTE Northeast USA


This build team is working on the following projects.

Location Area Notes
Baltimore, Maryland 26 Transfered by famousseamus51#5664
Ashburn, Virginia 1 Transfered by Shiny#8449
Portland, Maine 3 Transfered by Emoglobin#3812
Providence, Rhode Island 13 Transfered by Holy_Moses#6211, deet#4417, and worked on by the Rhode Island -- Team Infinity. The ar...
Midlothian, Virginia 5 Transfered by hjonesjr#7221
Washington, D.C. 81
Richmond, Virginia 30 Transfered by William#3675
Alexandria, Virginia 93
Crystal City, Virginia 25 Includes National Landing and Reagan National Airport under the neighborhood name rebranding.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 29
Hanover, Virginia 40
Dulles International Airport, Virginia 25
Middletown, Connecticut 21
Bourne, Massachusetts 3 Transfered by JTRON780#0250
Annandale, Virginia 5 Transfered by SmashyCrash#7782, features buildings on Little River Turnpike including Seoul Plaza an...
Sterling, Virginia 4 Transfered by ObsidianKing163#1853
Boston, Massachusetts 47
McLean, Virginia 1
Springfield, Virginia 11 Transfered by LastCavalier#8955
Newport, RI 2 Transfered by LeyzrDan#4074
Burlington, Vermont 1
Lynchburg, Virginia 1
Gainesville, Virginia 2 Transfered by EternalDarkness#0390
Portland, Maine 1
Derry, New Hampshire 25
Hinsdale, New Hampshire 1
Peterborough, New Hampshire 1 Transfered by Remcoms#6588
Warwick, New York 1
Leesburg, Virginia 1 Transfered by Paramonster#9356
Fayetteville, West Virginia 1
Concord, New Hampshire 1 Transfered by Baseball#0500
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 2
Newton, New Hampshire 1 Transfered by JJtheFUN#3783
Manchester, New Hampshire 1 Transfered by Remcoms#6588
Charleston, West Virginia 6
West Point, New York 1
Sayville, New York 1
Stratford Landing, Virginia 1
Race Rock Light House, New York 1 Transfered by Mr.Beans#0087
Ashland, Virginia 1 Transfered by Mr.Beans#0087
Easton, Maryland 1
Montville, Connecticut 1
Stowe, Vermont 1
Newport, Rhode Island 1
Albany, New York 1 Transfered by Deputy Geoff Henderson#7104
Bear, Delaware 1 Transfered by Mineblox#4328
Powder Ridge, Connecticut 1
Troy, New York 1
Topsfield, Massachusetts 1
Rochester, New York 1
Orange, Virginia 4
Manchester, New Hampshire 1
Buffalo, New York 1
Baldwin, New York 1
Arlington, Virginia 5
Salem, Massachusetts 1
Mount Vernon, Virginia 1
Bowling Green, Virginia 1
Burke, Virginia 1
Norfolk, Virginia 1