Oceania Build Team


This build team is working on the following projects.

Location Area Notes
Brisbane, Queensland 23 For all builds that have been made in Brisbane.
Sydney, New South Wales 66
New South Wales 1
Christchurch, Canterbury 13 Transfered by OCM#0193
Wellington 1
Queensland 5 For builds that are in the greater regions of Queensland that are not part of Brisbane, our biggest ...
Melbourne, Victoria 21
Norfolk Island 1
Darwin, Northern Territory 1 For Builds In Darwin
Adelaide, South Australia 1 Transfered by MrBizzaros#0669
Taupō 1
Glen Eira/Hawthorn Corner 2 Transfered by Mail223#0976
Mowbray, Launceston 4 Transfered by Skop56#9078
Capital Hill, Australia 6 Transfered by Phats#7633
Stkilda, Melbourne 5 Transfered by Mail223#0976
Beaconsfield, VIC 3 Transfered by Diligant1#0804