BTE Midwest


This build team is working on the following projects.

Location Area Notes
Springfield, MO 8
Traverse City, Michigan 19 Transfered by Scar#1093
Ames, IA 2 Transfered by enthusiasticGeek#2259
Chicago, Illinois 1 Transfered by Deadly Snooze Button#0884
St. Louis, MO: Near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge 2
Greater Michigan 54
Kansas City, MO 1
Chicago IL 1 Transfered by p96xl#9836
Middle of Nowhere, IL 1
St. Louis, MO: Near St. Louis City SC Stadium 1
Middle of Nowhere, MN 1
St Louis, MO: Delmar Boulevard Area 2
Waupun, Wisconsin 1 Transfered by Dean of Approval#0001
Chanhassen, MN 1 Transfered by TheRoadDudeMN#5921
St. Louis, MO 1 Transfered by LiLMONCLR#3349
Sergeant Bluff, IA 1 Transfered by Laturn#9922
Kansas City, MO: Kauffman Stadium 1 Transfered by Cmikks#0927
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1
North Platte, NE 1 Transfered by SamuPiano#8782
Tulsa, Oklahoma 6
Moore, Oklahoma 1 Needs to be Rebuilt
Kearney, NE 1 Transfered by Clonetrooper332#0036
Rock Island, Wisconsin 125
Washington Island, Wisconsin 376
Omaha, NE: UNO 2 Transfered by mattm#5018
Lincoln, NE 1
Omaha, NE: Downtown 1
Madison, Wisconsin 7
Sturgeon Bay 1
Chicago, IL 4 Transfered by Mr.Beans#0087
Iowa City, IA 1
Lacey, OK 1 Needs to be Rebuilt/Transfered
Moore, Oklahoma 2 Needs to be Rebuilt/Transfered
Norman, Oklahoma 1 Mostly Complete
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1
Moore, Oklahoma 1
Chicago, IL 5 Transfered by Diligant1#0804