Build Teams

Build teams are the easiest way to join Build The Earth. These groups work together on a multiplayer server to build cities, regions and sometimes even entire countries. All you need to do is click 'Apply to join' and within no time you can start helping out!

To participate in a build team, you need to have purchased Minecraft Java Edition and have the Build The Earth Modpack installed.

Logo of New York - MineFact Network
New York - MineFact Network
Leader MineFact#1501
Locations New York City
Members 1443
Logo of 1:1 New Jersey
1:1 New Jersey
Leader corruptplex#7773
Locations Jersey City, Hoboken, East Rutherford, Princeton and more...
Members 604
Logo of Build The Earth Germany
Build The Earth Germany
Leader FFA2016#1548
Locations Ingolstadt, BY, Ludwigshafen, RP, Bochum, NW, Würzburg, BY and more...
Members 499
Logo of Nordic+Baltic
Leader tsunami#3425
Locations Kerava, Tallinn, Vejle, Trøndelag and more...
Members 268
Logo of Alps BTE (AT/CH/LI)
Leader Cinnazeyy | シナセイ#2440
Locations Olten, CH, Tulln, AT, Leoben, AT, Bregenz, AT and more...
Members 230
Leader zeeza#7422
Locations Ohio, Philadelphia, PA, Erie, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, Ohio and more...
Members 223
Logo of Southwest Build Team
Southwest Build Team
Leader Rude Yeti, Incorporated#8600
Locations Fresno, California, Irvine, California, Huntington Park, CA,... and more...
Members 215
Logo of BTE Canada/AK
BTE Canada/AK
Leader Zebra#0125
Locations Regina, Saskatchewan, Brossard, Quebec, Hamilton, Ontario, A... and more...
Members 208
Logo of BTE : France
BTE : France
Leader Egan#8286
Locations Tours, Rouen, Normandie, Reims, Marnes, Le Puy-Notre-Dame [M... and more...
Members 201
Logo of Build The Earth UK
Build The Earth UK
Leader Joseph#9791
Locations Lichfield, England, Cambridge, England, Stamford, Battle and more...
Members 200
Logo of BTE - Southeast USA
BTE - Southeast USA
Leader BigIgloo#4192
Locations Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Cape Canaveral, Florida, N... and more...
Members 179
Logo of BTE Theme Parks
BTE Theme Parks
Leader AdamW#0451
Locations PortAventura World, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, SeaWorld Orl... and more...
Members 164
Logo of BTE Italia
BTE Italia
Leader Delfino88#2343
Locations Brescia | LO, Controguerra | AB, Cuneo | PI, Roma | LA and more...
Members 154
Logo of BTE Northwest US
BTE Northwest US
Leader Short Tree Boy#5826
Locations Edmonds, Washington, Northern Clark County, Washington, Vant... and more...
Members 142
Logo of Team Benelux 1:1
Team Benelux 1:1
Leader Rick/meneerkiwi#7629
Locations Amersfoort, Utrecht, Mechelen, Vlaanderen, The Hague, South-... and more...
Members 131
Logo of BTE - Northeast US
BTE - Northeast US
Leader Dippy#8460
Locations Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., Bourne, MA, Boston, MA and more...
Members 130
Logo of BTE Michigan
BTE Michigan
Leader HC#5332
Locations Traverse City, Michigan, Greater Michigan
Members 118
Logo of Oceania Build Team
Oceania Build Team
Leader BTE Oceania#0290
Locations Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wal... and more...
Members 114
Logo of Team Czechoslovakia
Team Czechoslovakia
Leader Rene#5193
Locations Ostrava, Prague, Ostrava , Liberec, Center and more...
Members 109
Logo of 1:1 Virginia
1:1 Virginia
Leader Dippy#8460
Locations Ashburn, Chesterfield, Richmond, Old Town and more...
Members 100