Build Teams

Build teams are the easiest way to join Build The Earth. These groups work together on a multiplayer server to build cities, regions and sometimes even entire countries. All you need to do is click 'Apply to join' and within no time you can start helping out!

To participate in a build team, you need to have purchased Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition, depending on the team. In most cases, you will also be required to have the Build The Earth Modpack installed.

Logo of New York - MineFact Network
New York - MineFact Network
Leader MineFact#1501
Members 3344
Logo of Build The Earth Germany
Build The Earth Germany
Leader abti.fmx#1548
Locations 230
Members 1109
Logo of 1:1 New Jersey
1:1 New Jersey
Leader AJFILMS#3796
Locations 75
Members 953
Logo of BTE Southwest US
BTE Southwest US
Leader Diligant1#0804
Locations 40
Members 659
Logo of TeamCIS │СНГ
Leader renardykt#3744
Locations 163
Members 636
Logo of Nordic + Baltic
Nordic + Baltic
Leader BTE Nordic+Baltic#2356
Locations 104
Members 627
Logo of BTE Northeast USA
BTE Northeast USA
Leader Deputy Geoff Henderson#0140
Locations 60
Members 538
Logo of OHPAINKY (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky)
OHPAINKY (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky)
Leader AduptUniform26#6139
Locations 28
Members 533
Logo of BTE Midwest
BTE Midwest
Leader mattress#1852
Locations 34
Members 482
Logo of BTE Southeast US
BTE Southeast US
Leader BigIgloo#6331
Locations 70
Members 470
Logo of Alps BTE (AT/CH/LI)
Leader Cinnazeyy#2440
Locations 43
Members 451
Logo of BTE Canada
BTE Canada
Leader Bobert#6718
Locations 39
Members 425
Logo of BTE Northwest US
BTE Northwest US
Leader Diligant1#0804
Locations 53
Members 387
Logo of BTE Italia 🇮🇹
BTE Italia 🇮🇹
Leader forgiobombi#3480
Locations 140
Members 386
Logo of Build The Earth - UK
Build The Earth - UK
Leader Joseph#9791
Locations 40
Members 360
Logo of BTE Theme Parks
BTE Theme Parks
Leader AdamW#2107
Locations 18
Members 342
Logo of BTE : France
BTE : France
Leader Egan#8286
Locations 94
Members 310
Logo of BTE Benelux
BTE Benelux
Leader ElectroYT#1714
Locations 91
Members 305
Logo of BTE Iberia
BTE Iberia
Leader Flamd#2971
Locations 75
Members 267
Logo of BTE Team Czechoslovakia
BTE Team Czechoslovakia
Leader Rene#5193
Locations 26
Members 259