Build Teams

Build teams are the easiest way to join Build The Earth. These groups work together on a multiplayer server to build cities, regions and sometimes even entire countries. All you need to do is click 'Apply to join' and within no time you can start helping out!

To participate in a build team, you need to have purchased Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition, depending on the team. In most cases, you will also be required to have the Build The Earth Modpack installed.

Logo of BTE Texas
BTE Texas
Leader jake97#5805
Locations Arlington, Katy, Downtown Dallas, Texas A&M University and more...
Members 121
Logo of Team Czechoslovakia
Team Czechoslovakia
Leader Rene#5193
Locations Ostrava, Prague, Ostrava , Liberec, Center and more...
Members 150
Logo of Oceania Build Team
Oceania Build Team
Leader BTE Oceania#0290
Locations Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wal... and more...
Members 175
Logo of BTE Poland
BTE Poland
Leader Oskiek#4967
Locations Ruda Śląska, Puck, Żywiec, Poznań and more...
Members 78
Logo of Colorado
Leader Dan Hominem#4869
Locations Colorado State University, Montrose, Colorado, Boulder Munic... and more...
Members 70
Logo of BTE México | Centro América
BTE México | Centro América
Leader Samuellolu500#0235
Locations Madero, Tamaulipas, Ciudad de México, Macro Plaza, Ensenada,... and more...
Members 62
Logo of Build The Earth Turkey
Build The Earth Turkey
Leader Fabalu#9166
Locations İzmir/Wind Power Stations, İstanbul/Kağıthane, İstanbul/Kadı... and more...
Members 88
Logo of BTE Carolinas
BTE Carolinas
Leader Cybersynth#6579
Locations Clemson, SC, Piney Mountain, NC, Spartanburg, SC, Greenville... and more...
Members 79
Logo of Africa Rebuilt
Africa Rebuilt
Leader Scot#8669
Locations Accra, Kigali, Ifrane, Al Aaroui and more...
Members 59
Logo of BuildTheEarth: Chile
BuildTheEarth: Chile
Leader Pizzax#9454
Locations Osorno, Región de Los Lagos, Mulchén, Región del Bíobío, Val... and more...
Members 120
Logo of Dubai Build Team
Dubai Build Team
Leader LeifZ#6722
Locations Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, Dubai and more...
Members 62
Logo of BTE Japan
BTE Japan
Leader Arzim#8528
Locations Tokyo, Nishi-Shinjuku, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Ninoshima, Hiroshima... and more...
Members 96
Logo of Time São Paulo
Time São Paulo
Leader IΛη#9360
Locations Campinas, Santo André, São Paulo, São Paulo, Sorocaba, São P...
Members 142
Logo of Team Greece
Team Greece
Leader georg#2802
Locations Thessaloniki, Athens, Piraeus, Kuparissia and more...
Members 53
Logo of Build The Earth- Republic of Ireland
Build The Earth- Republic of Ireland
Leader H2bomber#0836
Locations Dublin city center, kildare town, Limerick, Dingle and more...
Members 69
Logo of Seaside BTE
Seaside BTE
Leader Short Tree Boy#5826
Locations USS Hornet CV-8 Shipwreck, USS Yorktown CV-5 Shipwreck, U-85... and more...
Members 44
Logo of BTE Middle East
BTE Middle East
Leader tsunami#3425
Locations Chnaniir, Beirut, Kuwait city, Doha and more...
Members 41
Logo of BTE | Sul Brasil
BTE | Sul Brasil
Leader celinho05#5172
Locations Porto Alegre, RS, Palmas, PR, Novo Hamburgo, RS, Curitiba, P... and more...
Members 39
Logo of BTE Argentina
BTE Argentina
Leader Juancy23#9223
Locations Downtown Buenos Aires, Estacion Retiro, Estadio Alberto J. A...
Members 78
Logo of BTE Romania + Moldova
BTE Romania + Moldova
Leader Andi_An#9983
Locations Bucharest, Bucharest, Oradea, BH, Bistrita, BN and more...
Members 27