Build Teams

Build teams are the easiest way to join Build The Earth. These groups work together on a multiplayer server to build cities, regions and sometimes even entire countries. All you need to do is click 'Apply to join' and within no time you can start helping out!

To participate in a build team, you need to have purchased Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition, depending on the team. In most cases, you will also be required to have the Build The Earth Modpack installed.

Logo of BTE Landscapes
BTE Landscapes
Leader oderzo#0
Members 38
Logo of BTE Korea
BTE Korea
Leader m4ndeokyi#0
Locations 6
Members 37
Logo of BuildTheEarth: PerĂº / Peru
BuildTheEarth: PerĂº / Peru
Leader el.kuala#0
Locations 6
Members 36
Logo of Build Israel
Build Israel
Leader Knish#8000
Locations 4
Members 36
Logo of BTE Mainland China
BTE Mainland China
Leader PikaNiko#7875
Locations 2
Members 32
Logo of Earth The Build
Earth The Build
Leader London#5812
Locations 0
Members 30
Logo of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
Leader crasher925#0
Locations 0
Members 27
Logo of BTE Controversy
BTE Controversy
Leader krug2#0
Locations 1
Members 23
Logo of BTE Taiwan
BTE Taiwan
Leader noevan#5947
Locations 4
Members 23
Logo of EuroCity | BTE Europe
EuroCity | BTE Europe
Leader DasBirnenDing#1574
Locations 1
Members 22
Logo of Build The Earth Paraguay + Uruguay
Build The Earth Paraguay + Uruguay
Leader Rusasky#2739
Locations 0
Members 20
Logo of BuildTheEarth: Bolivia
BuildTheEarth: Bolivia
Leader lleyno#0
Locations 0
Members 19
Logo of Virginia Tech Minecraft Earth
Virginia Tech Minecraft Earth
Leader nomad#3955
Locations 1
Members 17
Logo of the build earth
the build earth
Leader woodyberry#0
Locations 2
Members 16
Logo of BTE Bermuda
BTE Bermuda
Leader swenowenson#1033
Locations 2
Members 15
Logo of West Yorkshire Build Team
West Yorkshire Build Team
Leader afatpigeon#0
Locations 1
Members 14
Logo of Military Builders
Military Builders
Leader stealthywarwolf#0
Locations 0
Members 10
Logo of BTE zoos team
BTE zoos team
Leader Jaaannn#8889
Locations 0
Members 9
Logo of BTE Venice
BTE Venice
Leader waymer#0
Locations 0
Members 5
Logo of Build OSU
Build OSU
Leader iHanSolo#8098
Locations 1
Members 4