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And so much more. Look at our world map to see all the places people are working on!

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How can you help?

1. Join our Discord chat server

We use a Discord chat server to communicate with each other about our project. Join it now using the following button:

2. Log in to My BuildTheEarth

My BuildTheEarth is your personal section on this website. This is the place where you will upload your work to the project.

3. Join a Build Team, or start building by yourself

On your My BuildTheEarth page, you can join a build team, or apply for a solo build. Build teams work on projects like cities, while solo builds are better suited to smaller villages.

4. Upload your work to the website

When your build is done, you can upload it to the website on your My BuildTheEarth page. We will copy your build into our master world, which contains everyone's builds.